Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Getting Started

What is the Puddle of Life? It's Life and it is like a puddle. You try to avoid it, but you step in it despite your best efforts to avoid it. It gets splashed on you when you aren't looking. It's the things you end up thinking about or dwelling on even though you want to forget them. It the thing that intrudes in to your life like water that you thought you had dammed up. You wonder if it is deeper than it looks and when you step in it the depth is not what you expected. It's renewed by the events going on around it. It dries out when neglected or isolated. It's the map and the landscape. It's contradiction and validation. Oh... and it was the title of a letter column that I wrote for a couple issues of Entropy Tales, a comic book that I was involved in during the mid-1980's.