Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Sad State of Super heroes today.

Today's paragons, today's superheroes, are under attack from forces of darkness. Rather they are under attack from anti-intellectual, lowest common denominator, executive summary, bottom line forces from corporate marketers and their demegogary of demographics.

Rather than have characters that people want to model their behavior after, we now have superheroes that are pandering and attention seeking whores of crass corporate Commercialism. We have been given I-Wonder-what-a-Woman-does, Mentally Unbalanced Batman and Not-So Superman.

They have all resulted from a disgusting need to have popular and powerful characters that can be sold to unsuspecting adults and children as replacement deities for the disenfranchised with currently popular world views or castoffs from major religions.

The ''trinity" of DC Comics Superheroes are Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.They were conceptualized and conceived as exemplars of virtue and pro-societal behavior. Each has appealling subtexts, but they also overtly support the greater aspects of American representative Democracy: new beginnings, overcoming obstacles, compassion for others, personal independence, interdependence, contribution to a greater ideal and clarity of purpose. None of those exist in modern DC Comics.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How does anything get through your thick skull?

How can that happen, you ask? How Can Someone be so pure? so honest? so noble? How Can someone strive to be virtuous? How Can someone as powerful as Superman not abuse his power or even be tempted to do so?

I think the better question is ''Why do you expect power to be, in and of itself, something that is so tempting and corruptible?"

The key is really what is your purpose and perspective in life? Are you selfish? Looking to help only yourself? Or are you selfless or just plain helpful, such that anything you have, or Can do, you use in a way to be of benefit to others, rather than simply yourself?

That is the big difference between fans of Superman: The Movie and fans of the Man of Steel, do you approach the world as helping yourself first or are you helping everyone equally?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Old Guy Fanfic # 1

Once upon a time, Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe and Clarence found themselves in a Tom and Jerry cartoon directed by Tex Avery. They died.


Some days just aren't Friday.

Every once in a while, I am struck with depression. Not just blah, but a feeling of Dread, like a hand clasping your soul. Stopping your enthusiasm, Slowing your feelings of being alive. Coming in like an ectoplasm, clogging your extrasensory abilities. then it turning into an iron grip.

Depression is the slowing down of your life that gets out of control until despair takes over stopping all enjoyment and all feelings. This is the greatest danger of a leisure oriented lifestyle, but it is not limited to that lifestyle. It just makes you more susceptible.

You begin to feel less valuable and don't want to know why. You just sink into doing nothing, feeling nothing and being nothing. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Reach Out To Love

Reach Out To Love

Reach out your hand to love,
get it shoved away.
Reach out your hand to love,
get it slapped away.
Reach out your swollen hand to love,
get it crushed.
Reach out your gnarled hand to love,
get it burned.
Reach out your charred hand  to love,
get it burned.
Reach out your charred stump to love,
get it touched and caressed.