Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Sad State of Super heroes today.

Today's paragons, today's superheroes, are under attack from forces of darkness. Rather they are under attack from anti-intellectual, lowest common denominator, executive summary, bottom line forces from corporate marketers and their demegogary of demographics.

Rather than have characters that people want to model their behavior after, we now have superheroes that are pandering and attention seeking whores of crass corporate Commercialism. We have been given I-Wonder-what-a-Woman-does, Mentally Unbalanced Batman and Not-So Superman.

They have all resulted from a disgusting need to have popular and powerful characters that can be sold to unsuspecting adults and children as replacement deities for the disenfranchised with currently popular world views or castoffs from major religions.

The ''trinity" of DC Comics Superheroes are Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.They were conceptualized and conceived as exemplars of virtue and pro-societal behavior. Each has appealling subtexts, but they also overtly support the greater aspects of American representative Democracy: new beginnings, overcoming obstacles, compassion for others, personal independence, interdependence, contribution to a greater ideal and clarity of purpose. None of those exist in modern DC Comics.

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