Friday, July 10, 2015

Some days just aren't Friday.

Every once in a while, I am struck with depression. Not just blah, but a feeling of Dread, like a hand clasping your soul. Stopping your enthusiasm, Slowing your feelings of being alive. Coming in like an ectoplasm, clogging your extrasensory abilities. then it turning into an iron grip.

Depression is the slowing down of your life that gets out of control until despair takes over stopping all enjoyment and all feelings. This is the greatest danger of a leisure oriented lifestyle, but it is not limited to that lifestyle. It just makes you more susceptible.

You begin to feel less valuable and don't want to know why. You just sink into doing nothing, feeling nothing and being nothing. 

1 comment:

alex-ness said...

Keep your chin up mate, life is good, we just happen to be playing it on level 10 difficulty.