Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dear Ziggy Wilf:

How can you salvage the rest of this year? Well, I have a four step plan.

1. Fire Brad Childress. This guy who poses as the Vikings head coach has questionable judgement at best. He insisted that he could make an NFL quarterback out of Tavaris Jackson in 2006, then in 2009 he stated that Tavaris needed more work and brought in Brett Favre. Now in 2010, he lost the best liason between him and Brett Favre when Sage Rosenfels was traded. Now we have not one, but two backup QBs on the team who he is "developing" in to NFL quarterbacks: Tavaris Jackson and rookie Joe Webb. See a pattern here? He is destroying the quarterback position through experimentation.
2. Make Darryl Bevel interim head coach. Why? Why not. Somebody's gotta do it. You also have an abundance of want-to-be offensive play callers, so one less of these egos micromanaging play calling during a game can't cause any more harm now that we have hit rock bottom.
3. Waive Bryant McKinnie. Your left offensive tackle run blocks on passing plays and pass blocks on running plays. Defenses can line up two players on him and have a 65% certainty that one of them will make the tackle. In my opinion, he has provided a detrimental influence on your second year right offensive tackle, Phil Loadholt. Need I remind you of McKinnie's immature behavior at last year's Pro Bowl?
4. Fire your VP - Player Personnel. Bringing back Randy Moss rests on the head of this "genius." That little act of desperation crushed any respect that existed between the coaching staff and the players. He also spearheaded trading Sage Rosenfels to the Giants. Rosenfels was the tenuous tethercord between Childress, Bevel and Favre. Look at this year and see how well that has worked without Rosenfels.

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