Friday, March 25, 2016

An Election Year Poem

A Poem, March 26, 2016

Sauerkraut colostomy
feasting on sunshine.
Cuddle up against
your teddy bear of fear.
Lock yourself in
the closet of ignorance.
Bind your mind with
the chains of intolerance.

Stand the words of
your prophet on their head.
Justify your antithetical behavior
with the sayings of religion.
Find the hate in words of love
to save a few dollars at the store.
Megalomaniacs are eating politicians
as a symbol of freedom.

The walls are Tumbling up,
the gates are closing in
celebration of openness.
The Man riding a burrow
carries a briefcase and
Does a statistical analysis
to measure the belief of the faithful.

The poor are atmosphere.
The disenfranchised are collateral damage.
In the Marketing War for your soul.
The draft board infiltrates your screens.
Your deployment orders are songs in the air.

You can turn in product points
for a free fear blanket.
Don't share it with anyone
that is not one of us.
They can get their own
if they just sell their soul for product points.

Why are you sitting there naked
with that ridiculous smile?
Have you not been listening
to a word that I have said?
Wait until we start funding
the regulators again.
They’ll want you as one
of their first cases
unless you do as I say.

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