Friday, February 7, 2014

About your life. Random inspired reflection

Once you die, you are prohibited from adding actions to your biography, the story of your life. What is left in your passing is the reiteration and repetition of descriptions of the actions you took and your stated reasons for doing so.

When you die, when you stop living, your life changes from biography, the nonfiction recounting your life's actions and events, to fiction, the interpreted retelling of your life with the translation through myriad of voices passing it along.

You no longer have input about what your words and actions mean to you. Your words and actions become the grist for others to do and say things. Those people may say that you made a statement but the meaning of your statement is filtered through the motivations, intentions and desires of those persons passing along that statement. So it is for the common person, so it is for the prophet.

This is the danger of time; the danger of change. Humanity discovers new things and processes. The beliefs and opinions of past generations must be adapted, altered, tailored to current events and items. The brand of car that would have been driven by Mohammed or Jesus is irrelevant, but the respect given by the driver to others and the reciprocal respect given by others to the driver can be found by reflecting on writings found in Sacred and Holy writings pertaining to each prophet. Most notably and respectively the Qur'an and Holy Bible.

The intention of the reflectant must be set aside to understand the universal truths of humanity.

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