Friday, February 7, 2014

Poem for the day

There Are Days

by Paul Ewert

There are days that I want to curl up in a ball

And lie still, quiet and do nothing at all.

Feel the hurts inside my head

Rolling around in misery, despair and dread.


Then it occurs to me that this is exactly

What my assailants wanted to do to me.

To put me down, degrade me

make me less than human


To give in and accept defeat, allows them to win

To continue to stuff my humanity in

To deny my beauty, my strength, my mind, my heart

Let’s them trip me up as each day starts.


Yet the Me that I hold back is the very thing

That they sought to attack.

My life is my own, no one abuses and hurts me

I choose to live my life and break free


It has been said that “living well” is the best revenge.

Not allowing a setback to determine my whole life

Not making for me misery and daily strife.

The secret leaks out in my actions and words

But I shall conquer fear, despair and doubt undeterred.

I shall turn the other cheek

Not mocking or damaging the quiet and the meek.


For they too have their lives to live,

Their wellness to maintain

Their hearts, minds, beauty and strength

Shining bright possibly burning out an emotional stain.


I am but one being, one gift from God

Who had been through much

And down many paths have trod.

Those things have been exposed to my soul

My bright, strong, helpful, compassionate soul

I can only see what I have around me,

But my actions have consequences

And I make them to be the best

Not only for myself, but for others

Who have passed me by

And go bouncing and interacting

In my wake.


Let the bright days begin

Pass the sorrows and fears in to the refuse bin.

For my heart fills with joy

My mind with fills with peace

My humanity again blooms

Because Life will never cease.